First Order Error Propagation as Integral Part of petrophysical CalculationNew

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SPWLA Distinguished Speaker Series. This course is based on the view that the calculation of error is an essential part of measurements and scientific calculations, and that it should be an integral part of petrophysical calculations. Presentation of errors in petrophysical results are rarely applied in formation evaluation and reservoir characterization.Calculation of petrophysical error is commonly executed for input to the geostatistics, but often only after the petrophysical calculation is completed. Sometimes the calculation of petrophysical error is excluded altogether. Petrophysical results should include traceable and quantifiable errors.

The motivation of this course is to show that errors can easily be integrated to the petrophysical results by including the first order error propagation (FOEP) method as a part of the computer script that give the petrophysical results.

This course includes an introduction to the theory of FOEP in matrix form and contains examples that illustrate the application of petrophysical functions.

The purpose of this course is to increase the focus on petrophysical error calculations, and to demonstrate the advantages of error propagation as a standard part of the petrophysical results.

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Stein Ottar Stalheim, PhD, SPWLA
Stein Ottar Stalheim, PhD, SPWLA

Stein Ottar Stalheim is specialist in petrophysics with Statoil ASA, Norway. Stein Ottar joined Statoil in 1993. His main interest is EM physics, multivariate analysis and scientific computing. The main role to Stein Ottar in Statoil is related to Geo-electrical modeling, dynamic petrophysics and well integrity. Stein Ottar received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree in physics from the University in Bergen.