One Membership, More Benefits

At Knowledgette, we believe in the power of shared learning and we are proud to be building a centralized hub for sharing content across organizations globally. As a member of our partner organizations, you could gain free access to all partners' learning materials.

Why a Content Partnership Program?

There are numerous organizations in the oil and gas industry around the world, each with their own great content and area of focus for members. While being a member of an organization in your area of expertise gives you access to learning and events relevant to your specialty, you often have to search elsewhere for educational resources outside that focus area that you need, or want, to grow personally or professionally.

When we realized there were so many great centers of learning siloed around the world, we found ourselves asking, what if we could bring all these different organizations together and build a hub for sharing knowledge so that all benefit? Over the past couple of years, we have been forming partnerships across the world and across oil and gas membership organizations that do just that. With a single partner organization membership, individuals can access all the content from all partner organizations for free on Knowledgette.

Our hope is that through this shared learning initiative, individuals are able to gain better understanding of the work of others, dive into new topics of interest, explore ways to further their careers with new skills, and gain insight from global case studies they may not have otherwise easily had access to.

What is the Content Partnership Program?

It’s simple! Each membership organization that becomes a partner of Knowledgette agrees to share their own original content, which we then recreate in Knowledgette’s easy to digest video style. These courses are then added to our library and made available to all partner organization members for free. These courses are also made available to Knowledgette Pro Plan members and are available as a standalone course to anyone interested in the topic.

Partner Organization Members Access

To learn how to gain access to Knowledgette as a member of one of our partner organizations, use the links below:

AAPG members free access details here

CSPG members free access details here

PESA members free access details here

SEG members free access details here

SPWLA members free access details here

Knowlegette’s partnerships with SEG, AAPG, SPWLA, CSPG, PESA, and other expert organizations in the oil and gas industry are just the beginning of a broader partnership effort that will see several organizations from across the oil and gas industry come together on a single platform for shared learning.