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  2. Why Is Rock Stress Pertinent?

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- [Instructor] Why is rock stress pertinent? I'm showing here a well that we are drilling. We are lining this well in this shale formation and this lateral will be will be anywhere from a few thousand feet to maybe a few miles long. Once we drill the lateral, the crack pretty much was stated and while doing so we are make sure the fractures remain confined in the dark gray stone We don't want the fractures to go up in the Sandstone or go down below in the Limestone so if you have information about rock stresses the applications range all the way from drilling to completions the reservoir For drilling, we can use the information to make sure that the wellbore is stable, minimize any lost circulation, optimize the mud weight, for completions you can use it to improve our frac design understand the sand potential and for elsewhere you can use it to understand the variability of the rock stresses find where is the sweet spot and in turn increase hydrocarbon recovery.