1. Bakken Petroleum System (BPS)

- [Gary] Well, good morning. I'm honored to be able to present this paper to you today. My co-authors on this are John Hohman, who is a Senior Geological Advisor with Hess Corporation and our Bakken Asset Team. Iain Pirie, who is a product domain champion for unconventional resources with Schlumberger in Denver, Colorado, and Jack Horkowitz, who is a Petrophysical Advisor with Schlumberger here in Houston. And I must say, I've been involved in quite a few papers over my career, and this truly was a team effort, a joint team effort in developing this paper and putting it together. I have to really thank the team of people who worked on this, and hopefully, you'll get some information from it today that will help you in developing other unconventional resources. So I'll start out with my outline. I'm going to be talking first about the Bakken Petroleum System. I'll talk about the complexities of this system, how we went about building the petrophysical models, and then I'll talk about some petrophysical evaluations that are unique to the Three Forks and Bakken formations in this system. How we're going about trying to develop a basin-wide petrophysics model, and, finally, a summary. So the Bakken Petroleum System is late Devonian to early Mississippian in age, situated in the Williston Basin. It is large parts of the North Dakota, Montana, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, up in Canada. The Bakken Petroleum System includes a number of reservoir sections. It's best described as being a hybrid unconventional system, and it's hybrid in the fact that we have some conventional reservoirs, or more conventional type of reservoirs, that are sandwiched in between two highly organic shales, the Upper Shale and the Lower Shale. So we top off the system with Lodgepole/Scallion, then we come to the Upper Shale, the Middle Bakken, the Lower Bakken. Some areas of the basin, we have Basal Bakken, and Sanish members that exist, and then, finally, the last part of the Bakken Petroleum System is the Three Forks first and second benches. This is a typelog of the section. It's a composite typelog, showing the Scallion, Upper and Lower Shales, the Lower Shale of the Basal Bakken, and the Sanish, and then the Three Forks down here. And this is only the first and second benches. You have the third and fourth benches in the lower part of it.