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  5. Concluding Considerations

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- [Voiceover] Soconcluding considerations. The heterogeneity comes in many different forms. So basically know your reservoir. Fluid migration pathways matter more than you might think. And I put a link to an article in search and discovery in the Powerpoint. But connectivity for how long? You need to know how long your induced fractures will stay open and which proppants seem to live up to their promise. So, you know, you need to know connectivity and conductivity so that they can both make the difference between a well you'd like to purchase or one you'd like to sell or simply run away from. Frac interference, thief zones, other signs of over-muscling the frac design. Get to know and love your engineers. Engineers get to know and love your geologists. Geochemistry can give you an edge. Whether you're looking at kerogen typing or isotopes which can help you with oil and gas fingerprinting and the more geochemical information you have, the better you can determine where to drill. Also help you with Christopherhas done a lot of work in that area. Highly recommend his work. Then finally, stress regimes and pore pressure are potential solutions to "cliff-dive" decline curves. So understanding stress regimes and understanding pore pressure, understanding how to do a good takes advantage of orientation of fractures along with pathways,connectivitiy. So key is to fine-tune your completions in order to maintain flow and reduce rapid declines. So right now I'd like to talk to you about something else practice. I'd like to talk to you about a concept I have. It's called Dog Catchers. So what I'm thinking about is instead of euthanizing the dogs, revitalize them. Dogs meaning wells, right? And so instead of euthanizing, revitalize for less than the price of plugging and abandoning. This is a wonderful opportunity to do it, especially if we can find new technologies and new techniques, service companies who are willing to try it out on wells that are just about to be targeted for plugging and abandoning. This is especially good if you can get, like five or 10. I've put together a website and it's at blogspot. So when you type it in and the whole idea is instead of euthanizing old dogs, catch them, revitalize them. Revitalize a well about to be plugged and abandoned. The nice attribute that you're able to work on your well while the prices are low and then you're lucky because your well will be offline while the prices are low. And you will be online when the prices are higher. You can also offer revitalization services to clusters of five to 10 wells in the same general area and you'll have better tests, better analyzable results if you have more test wells than just one and then you can also try more than one approach and if you need equipment, this is an excellent time to purchase the equipment: compressors, heater treaters, different kinds of workover rigs. I'd love for us to get in touch with you. Contact me if you're interested in being part of a team that helps find the services to try out, to revitalize the wells or if you would like to be on the other side and help identify candidates. I'm already working on different miracle methods and techniques for identifying potential candidates and have a work load for that. So I'll put that on my website also so you can take advantage of it. At any rate, thank you for listening and if you have any questions be sure to be in touch. Thank you very much. This is Susan Smith Nash and I will be in touch.